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Welcome to Hillside Community School. Hillside Community School is a Kindergarten to Grade 6 with 270 students and 37 staff. The school is located in central northeast Grande Prairie and opened in 1960 named after the neighbourhood the school was built in. Students that live in the Hillside, Mountview and Smith neighbourhoods attend Hillside Community School. Boundary students that attend Hillside Community School will transition to Crystal Park School for Grade 7 and 8.

Our school maintains the belief that a child’s best interest is served when parents and school personnel work closely together and we work to create learning experiences that will allow each child to achieve success according to his or her capabilities

Our teachers inspire students to seek success and excellence as they become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.  Together, let us work hand in hand toward a successful school year.

Who we are!

It is our mission to encourage our students to think critically and take an active role in their learning. We encourage real life learning experiences both in school and in the community.

Principal's Message

Thank you for checking out our website!!

Hillside is a community school that lives up to its name of community. Our staff, students and families are amazing and work together to succeed.

It is an honour to be the principal of this school. I look forward to working with our students, staff and families. 

That starts with authentic learning opportunities where our students continue to build the critical thinking skills, collaboration and perseverance to be successful. 
One of things I know to be true about this school is we share a deep care for the students that we serve here. We want the best for your child and so we continue to improve in ways that help support their success. Our Motto or Slogan is GREATNESS HAPPENS HERE!! We are very proud of this and we want to spread the word. It means that not only do we know great things are already happening but it also ensures we continue to be great, we continue to look for ways to be better. 

I look forward to the opportunity to connect with our families, to collaborate on what success looks like for your child and to hear about what GREATNESS means to you.

Josh Hartman 


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​School Council our Partners in Education

Parents can get involved in our School Council, information can be found HERE

Meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.

School Council Chair contact information and meeting information can be found HERE



At Hillside Community School we...

believe Greatness Happens Here. We have the opportunity to serve students in our boundary area with the best educational opportunities possible. We believe that supporting the growth of each student to be well rounded individuals is necessary for their success. We not only emphasize the growth in reading, writing, numeracy skills, and collaboration, but also to focus on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relational skills, and responsible decision making.

Our staff works closely with the Division's Multidisciplinary Team which includes Classroom Support Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapists, Counsellors, and Psychologists to ensure we are providing our students with the best possible learning opportunities.

Hillside has partnered with various community programs and resources to enrich the learning environment. Our partnerships extend to Grande Prairie Regional Sport Connection where we provide afterschool multi-sport programming 2 days a week for students in grades 4-6. Another partnership we have at Hillside is with Elder Darlene which offers Indigenous teachings to our students once a week.

We believe it is imperative that for our students to succeed we partner with our parents/guardians and families and focus on building opportunities to be involved. We engage in a school council, celebrations of learning and various participation events such as literacy nights. 

Our School Education Plan is focused on:

Priority: Teaching and Learning
Outcome:  Purposeful literacy instruction increases student literacy levels.
Outcome:  Current best practices in planning, instruction and assessment address learning needs of all students.

Priority: Inclusion
Outcome:  A welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment promotes healthy student development and academic achievement. 

To see our full School Educational Plan and Results Report - Click HERE

Programs of Choice Offered at Hillside Community School

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STEM Learning providing students an opportunity to develop a passion in the areas of "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math." Students will investigate and explore innovative and creative solutions to real world problems. 

See more information about STEM Learning by visiting the Grande Prairie Public School Division site 

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KinderPAL is an early learning Program of Choice for kindergarten-age students in GPPSD schools. The Play and Learn experience is programming in a classroom setting where students experience peer-based play as they continue developing and growing their knowledge. 

Students will experience full school day learning with kindergarten programming for half their time, and the other half is KinderPAL. It follows the school’s full-day bell schedule and calendar. A certified teacher provides kindergarten curriculum instruction, and a KinderPAL Instructor provides KinderPAL programming.  

See more information about KinderPAL by visiting the Grande Prairie Public School Division site.
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