Our Parents & Students

Hillside Community School and Parents as Partners in Learning

Hillside Community School views our parents as integral partners in the learning process. We believe that, in order to achieve our mission statement, The Grande Prairie Public School District is a learning community in which every student succeeds, we need to work collaboratively with students, parents and community.

The School Act states, “A board shall ensure that each student enrolled in a school operated by a board is provided with a safe and caring environment that fosters and maintains respectful and responsible behaviours.” Each year Alberta Education surveys parents on areas such as providing a safe and caring school environment.  GPPSD scores well in this area and we are currently at the highest result over the past six years.

If you have a concern about your child’s education or something that happened at school, it is best to address them quickly and in an appropriate manner. Communicate your concern(s) calmly and clearly. It is always best to address concerns with your child’s teachers first. See Working Together to Resolve Differences


Alberta Education provides some tips for parents on preparing your child for the school year,


and some FAQ’s


Each grade has a curriculum that is determined by Alberta Education, more information about programming from Alberta Education can be accessed at: http://education.alberta.ca/teachers/program.aspx

Specifics about what your child will learn in each grade can be found at My Child's Learning: http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/mychildslearning/index.html

School Councils

During the year, there are opportunities for you to get involved with your child’s school through volunteer opportunities including participation in the School Council at Hillside School.

More information on school councils can be found here.